About Us





I Need a Site is a small web site design studio based in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Fair Pricing

I believe prices should be fair and provide first class, affordable web sites at a fraction of the cost of large agencies.

Design Philosophy

I am passionate about web design and take great pleasure in impressing my clients with my web sites. Each site is personal and I take pride in finding something unique that inspires me about each project.


I have a track record of providing effective web sites that receive high volumes of traffic, and just as importantly the right traffic.



Our USP  

I provide the full web site package at a fraction of the cost. Most studios cannot offer their own professional photography service and use an outside resource.


       Our Services...

  • I work closely with my clients to develop web sites that are fully customised to meet their requirements
  • I compose well scripted pages that we guarantee will be suitable for the future success of your business
  • Our sites are easy to navigate, attractive and designed to a highly professional standard.
  • I ensure SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) meaning your web site is indexed and listed on Search Engines such as Google and therefore easy for potential customers to find
  • I provide a professional photography service, using the photographs exclusively for your web site
  • I can provide personalised email addresses that are linked to your web site. For example 'yourname @yourbusinesess.co.uk'..........