* Step 1 - Consultation

We discuss the personal requirements for your web site and discuss the design, theme and content that will be appropriate.

Step 2 - Domain Registration

We discuss with you and advise on selecting a suitable name for your web site, depending on availability. 

* Step 3 - Photography (Optional)

We can arrange for one of our photographers to meet you to take the photos you may require for your site. We have professional equipment including specialist cameras, tripod and optical zoom lens. Coming from a background in photography we ensure that the service we provide is of a very high standard.

* Step 4 - Write-up and Design

We discuss the key messages and appropriate content for your web pages. We then compose your pages and design your site. We will then consult you on any amendments you deem necessary. We ensure careful proof reading of every page before then putting the site live on the internet for the public to visit.

* Step 5 - Web Hosting

Once you are happy with the content, structure and design of your site we will then put your site 'live' on the World Wide Web through a hosting provider.


A web hosting service is simply a service that makes your site accessible via the World Wide Web. This service is provided from a third party company for a small fee which we incorporate into the cost of the site. This ensures that your site is running and backs up any data from your web site.

* Step 6 - Maintenance and updates (Optional)

We then offer the service of maintaining and updating your site, ensuring it is up to date and running correctly. This can include updating menus if you are running a dining establishment, updating bookings if you own a holiday property and updating availability of stock if you are running a retail business.

* SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

In order to get the most out of your site, it is essential that search engines such as Google index or list your site. This means that potential customers will be directed to your site from searching for key words that relate to your site.